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    User Clip: Nick from L.A. points out Mark Levin's blind spots

    Where I show Mark Levin that Madison didn't reject nullification and Washington did reject Levin's utopian foreign policy. Levin answers with name-calling and his notes on Rachel Maddow's talking points. ***TRANSCRIPT*** NICK: Thank you CSPAN. Hello, Mark. You help me drive home everyday and help me keep the rage on your show and not the other drivers so I gotta thank you for making me a better driver. But you do claim that James Madison rejected nullification but in the same document that you cite he was actually talking about a specific process of nullification that was advocated only by South Carolina and then later James Madison said that, and I quote, "nullification is the natural right which all admit to be a remedy against insupportable oppression." So with that, my real question for you is - I appreciate that you talk the Constitution outlining a republic, not a democracy but you share a utopian foreign policy outlook that is unconstitutional. Anyone can look up your statements

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    User Clip: Rep. Walter Jones: Stop Wasting American Money and Lives in Afghanistan

    Rep. Jones references two articles: Afghanistan War Must End Immediately by Jayel Aheram and The Forgotten War by Ann Jones

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