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    Krist Novoselic and Rob Richie on Election Reform Efforts

    Krist Novoselic, founding member of the 90s band Nirvana and Rob Richie, Executive Director of, talked about FairVote’s 25th anniversary and the organization’s election reform efforts.

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    Immigration Executive Order Signing

    President Trump signed an executive order bringing to a halt the separation of migrant parents and their children at the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, parents detained at the border would be kept with their children. The president was joined by Vice President Pence and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Oval Office for the signing.

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    U.S.-Japan Relations

    President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a joint news conference, during which they spoke about the June 12, 2018, summit with North Korea. President Trump said he would consider inviting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the U.S. and possibly normalize relations if summit negotiations go well. Prime Minister Abe expressed his desire for resolving the issue of Japanese abductees held in North Korea.