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    Persian Gulf Debate

    Members of the House debated the rule regarding the Persian Gulf resolutions and considered the best course of action to remedy the conflict in that region.

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    Supplemental Funding for Oper. Desert Storm

    Highlights of Senate debate on S. 578, a bill providing funds to pay for the cost of the Persian Gulf war. The bill also providing for continued accounting of the cost of the war to Congress. The funding for Operation Desert Storm/Shield under the bill is considered emergency funds, not included on budget agreements made by Congress in the fall of 1990.

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    War Resolution Debate

    Members of the House of Representatives debated whether or not to use military force as a means to remove Iraqi troops from Kuwait.

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    U.S. Persian Gulf Resolutions

    The Senate debated resolutions concerning U.S. involvement in the Persian Gulf. S.J.Res.1, which expresses preference for additional reliance on international sanctions and diplomatic measures to affect Iraq’s withdrawal from Kuwait, was pending. This resolution would also ensure that the president obtain congressional approval before declaring war against Iraq.

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    Secy. of Defense Confirmation Debate

    A partisan debate over the confirmation of John Tower to be Secretary of Defense is presented. The Democrats, speaking against Tower’s confirmation, contend that his moral character is in question not his while ability to do the job. Tower’s Republican supporters respond by arguing that to not confirm Tower would set a dangerous precedent.

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    Hastings Impeachment Debate

    The beginning of the impeachment of Judge Hastings is illustrated. Shown are the formal reading of the Articles of Impeachment against Hastings as presented by Representative Rodino. This is followed by the Senate taking an oath to conduct the trial of the impeachment. This swearing in of the Senate is conducted by Senator Proxmire, the acting President Pro Tempore. Senator Byrd makes a motion that the impeachment trial be postponed until the next Congress. He argues that not enough time is left in this Congress to conduct a fair hearing. The motion is passed.

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    Senators McConnell and Schumer on Barrett Nomination

    The U.S. Senate began debate on the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to be an associate Supreme Court justice.

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    Human Trafficking and Slavery

    Witnesses testified regarding slavery and human trafficking. Among the topics addressed were the number and destinations of people trafficked, efforts to rescue victims, and the prosecution of traffickers and slaveholders. The enforcement and effectiveness of anti-trafficking and anti-slavery laws were also examined.

    The committee recessed briefly while the Capitol police removed a woman who was disrupting the proceedings.

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    Bork Nomination Day 6, Part 1

    The committee opens the second week of hearings with four civil rights leaders testifying against the nomination of Judge Bork. Mr. Coleman expresses concern over Bork’s criticism of civil rights decisions and his limited view of individual liberties. Andrew Young also opposes the nomination based on Bork’s civil rights views. Barbara Jordan, now a political science professor at the University of Texas, adds a personal element in noting Judge Bork’s criticism of the kind of court ordered “one-person, one-vote” reapportionment that led to her initial election to the Texas legislature. Prof. Marshall bases his objection on Bork’s view of the role of the courts in protecting individual liberties and overcoming racial discrimination.

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    Restoring Civil Rights After College vs Bell

    Senator Orrin Hatch and Senator Paul Simon talked about the 1984 Civil Rights Bill being re-introducted in the Senate. Senator Simon answered audience questions.

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