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    Arthur Ainsberg talked about his book Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle (St. Martin’s Press, 2010), which recounts the development of insulin to treat diabetes. The author recounts the case of Elizabeth Hughes, who at eleven-years-old in 1919 was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and was treated by starvation. Ms. Hughes would be one of the first patients treated with insulin injections due to the discovery of purified insulin from animal pancreases by Canadians Frederick Banting and Charles Best. Dr. Michael Bergman then spoke about the history of the types of insulin and syringes. Their talks were illustrated by slides. A brief video was shown of Jean Ashton and Stephen Edidin of the New York Historical Society talking about the “Breakthrough Exhibit” based on the book that they then had on display. A video from dLife featuring Professor Michael Bliss and early users of insulin Bob and Gerald Cleveland as well as many others was also shown. Dr. Jesse Roth commented on the presentations. Then the panelists responded to questions from members of the audience.
    This was an event at the New York University School of Medicine in New York City.

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    Policing and Race Relations

    C-SPAN presented a look at policing and race relations in the U.S., including past remarks by President Obama and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), as well as a discussion with Washington, D.C.. Police Chief Cathy Lanier and others. The program features five previous events on policing and race relations. The identification numbers for these programs are 412570-1, 412664-9, 412651-9, 412651-10, and 400567-1

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    Campaign 2016 and Voting Rights

    C-SPAN presented a look at the 2016 election and voting rights, including portions of court cases on voter identification laws and the Voting Rights Act, and remarks by former Attorney General Eric Holder, 2016 presidential nominees Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D), and President Obama.

    The program identification numbers for each of the programs featured in this compilation are 413608-1, 326400-1, 311193-1, 313988-1, 332608-1, 327439-1, 411790-1, 413377-4, and 414085-1.

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    Trade Policy

    C-SPAN presented a look at trade agreements, including presidential candidates' remarks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); the history of U.S. trade policy, including NAFTA; and the World Trade Organization.

    The program features several previous events trade agreements. The identification numbers for these programs are 411870-1, 411661-1, 51981-1, 203291-2, 310441-1, 413505-1, 407028-5, 180334-1, 325918-1, 301612-1, and 411999-1.