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    Television Coverage of the U.S. Senate

    Senator Robert Byrd, D-West Virginia discussed the legislative history of television coverage of the U.S. Senate and the impact television coverage has had on the U.S. Senate. Sen. Byrd introduced Senate Resolution 28, the bill that authorized television coverage of the Senate. Prior to Senate Resolution 28, there had been other attempts at television coverage, but all failed.

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    Teacher of the Year

    National Teacher of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki urged teachers to teach beyond standardized tests. She called on educators to be “courageous” in teaching students and to remember their important role in American society.

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    Medicare Cost Control

    Witnesses testified on proposals to control Medicare costs. One proposal would give seniors a voucher to shop for their own private health insurance. Under their so-called “premium support” plan, Medicare would no longer provide a “defined benefit.” Instead, beneficiaries would receive a “defined contribution” toward the cost of health insurance.