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    Presidential Remarks on the Economy and Jobs

    President Obama spoke to reporters from the Tastee Sub Shop in Edison, New Jersey. In his remarks he called on Congress to pass a small business assistance bill before the August recess.

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    New Jersey Senate Forum

    Candidates spoke about their campaign in a televised forum in which each candidate was interviewed for approximately 30 minutes. Campaign commercials were shown.

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    New Jersey Senate Debate

    In a studio, the candidates debated many issues, including gun control, corporate corruption, the economy, the environment, prescription drugs, personal issues, national defense, campaign finance reform, and gun control. Ms. Strafaci moderated the debate. The candidates responded to questions from the panel.

    During the second part of the program, only Mr. Forrester and Mr. Lautenberg remained in the debate. They responded to questions from the panel and each other.

    Campaign commercials for Mr. Forrester and Mr. Lautenberg were also shown.

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    New Jersey Senate Debate

    Candidates debated one another in a television studio during their campaign for the U.S. Senate. Among the topics they addressed were ethics charges against Senator Torricelli, abortion, gun control, the environment, and their experience. Jim McQueeny moderate the debate.

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    New Jersey Senatorial Debate

    Rep. Franks and Mr. Corzine debated New Jersey and national issues. They are seeking the Senate seat vacated by the retirement of Senator Lautenberg.

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    New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate

    The three Democratic candidates for New Jersey Governor debated state issues. The candidates made opening statements, then took questions from the moderator, the audience and each other. The primary occurs in June and the winner will face Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman in the November general election.

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    Surgeon General Nomination

    President Bill Clinton spoke with reporters just after getting off Marine One about the Senate vote on whether to take up the nomination of Dr. Henry Foster to be Surgeon General.

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    Presidential Health Care Proposal

    President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton discussed health care reform with the New Jersey Older Americans of AARP at Middlesex Community College in Edison, New Jersey. Specific topics included cost shifting in health care, the impact on Medicare and Medicaid, long- term care coverage, and prescription drug coverage.

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    Gov. Florio Re-election Announcement

    Governor Jim Florio announced his intention to run for re-election in Edison, New Jersey. He was preceded by several New Jersey residents who spoke in support of the Governor.

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    Bush Campaign Speech

    President Bush spoke at a rally in New Jersey. He was interrupted by hecklers who he referred to as draft dodgers. He said that the Florio-Clinton combination was responsible for a half million jobs leaving Jersey. He also referred to Gov. Clinton’s efforts “to evade the draft.”