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    The Dying Citizen

    Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson discussed his book, The Dying Citizen, the recipient of the 2022 Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Conservative Book of the Year Award. This event was held in Wilmington, Delaware.

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    In Depth with Allen Guelzo

    Author and historian Allen Guelzo joined Book TV to talk and take calls about the early intellectual history of the United States, the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and more. Mr. Guelzo, who has taught at Harvard and Princeton, serves as a board member of the Abraham Lincoln Association and as a senior research scholar at Princeton University. His many books include “Redeeming the Great Emancipator,” "Gettysburg," and his latest “Robert E. Lee: A Life,” a biography of the general who commanded the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

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    Arthur Brooks and Richard Wolff Debate Capitalism Versus Socialism

    Harvard University Professor Arthur Brooks and University of Massachusetts Professor emeritus Richard Wolff debated whether socialism is worth considering for the United States. This virtual event was hosted by Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

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    Justice Breyer on the Supreme Court's Authority and Politics

    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer delivered remarks on the Court and the state of politics during a virtual lecture at Harvard Law School. He titled the speech “The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics.” It was a part of the Scalia lecture series given annually. In remarks, Justice Breyer cautioned against proposals to expand the number of seats on the Court. Other topics he touched on included the importance of learning the judiciary branch’s role in government, civic education, getting involved in public life and the need to learn how to compromise no matter one’s age.

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    The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen

    Princeton University History Professor Linda Colley looked at the history of written constitutions from the 18th century to today. This was a virtual event hosted by Labyrinth Books in Princeton, New Jersey.

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    The Truth at the Heart of the Lie: How the Catholic Church Lost Its Soul

    Former priest and Boston Globe columnist James Carroll examined the structure of the Catholic Church and reflected on his own faith. This virtual program was hosted by the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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    Author Simon Winchester examined the use of land and the concept of property ownership throughout human history. This was a virtual event hosted by the Boston Athenaeum.

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    Why the Innocent Plead Guilty and the Guilty Go Free

    Judge Jed Rakoff of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York talked about the U.S. legal system and offered his thoughts on how to reform it. This virtual program was hosted by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law and New York University’s John Brademas Center.

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    The Code Breaker

    Walter Isaacson, a Tulane professor and biographer, shared the story of Jennifer Doudna, who received a Nobel Prize for the development of the CRISPR, a method for genome editing. The virtual event was hosted by the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta.

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    1620 - A Critical Response to the 1619 Project

    National Association of Scholars president Peter Wood critiqued the 1619 Project. This virtual event was hosted by the National Association of Scholars in New York City.

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