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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard Speaking In Favor of the War Powers Resolution

    Tulsi had foresight, she saw this coming two years ago and sponsored at least 4 pieces of war powers legislation and made 55 tweets about the likelihood of #WarWithIran

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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard : Justice Reform - Mass Incarceration

    It is urgent that we make these changes. For our country and for our people. we have to look at the failed war on drugs. and how far too many of our brothers and sisters being incarcerated when really, what they need is treatment and help. and services. I've introduced legislation and the federal marijuana prohibition. this is one of many things that we can and want to do. to address the heart of the problem here. For everyday Americans criminalized for things they have no business being criminalized for. It is a big topic and there's a lot of issues there but these are some of the acts we can begin to take to make those changes. Thank you.

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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard : Peace Is Not a Partisan Issue

    This is something that we need to challenge the leaders of our country with. the decisions that they are making. as they beat the war, to go to war with another country. this country or that country. how does that serve the interest of the american people? what objectors every trying to accomplish? these are the questions that are unfortunately, too often not asked or answered. we need to change. to make this essential part of the national conversation that we need to have.

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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard on Palestine/Israel

    A pathway toward peace and toward the two state religion -- recognizing the respect and community of all the people living within that region.

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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard on her LGBTQ+ Record

    "...In standing for believing strongly and in writing for these ideals of freedom and liberty that we hold dear in this country means equality, that our laws, our government must apply that respect for every single individual, for people who choose to love or marry someone whether they be of the same gender or not. That respect is freedom for every woman to be able to make her own choice about her body and her family and her future.... for those critics I asked them to look at my record. I've served in congress now for six years and have a strong record that reflects what I've just shared. (See the actions she has taken in Congress @ )

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    User Clip: Trump: These aren't people, these are animals.

    Trump: These aren't people, these are animals.

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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard Questions The Constitutionality of a Syrian Strike

    Tulsi Gabbard: Can you justify for the American people how going to war with Russia over Syria serves the interests of the American people?

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    User Clip: Tulsi Preventing Gun Violence

    H.R. 4909, the STOP School Violence Act of 2018

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    User Clip: Tulsi Gabbard: Mahalo to "Women Helping Women" celebrating 40 years of service.

    Tulsi taking a moment to enter into the record the exemplary work of Women Helping Women service to the people in her district through direct intervention, shelter, advocacy, education, empowerment, and prevention.

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    User Clip: Paul Sarbanes Complete Speech

    speaking at a Center for American Progress discussion on conflict of interest concerns raised about President Trump and his family after his inauguration in January 2017.

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