Highlights This Weekend on American History TV December 16-18

by NinaShelton

C-SPAN3's American History TV
8am Saturday - 8am, Monday December 16-18, 2017  


Saturday 6pm ET
The Civil War: Confederate General Joseph Johnston
Author Craig Symonds talks about Confederate General Joseph Johnston's allies and enemies, highlighting his rocky relationship with Confederate President Jefferson Davis. This talk is part of Pamplin Historical Park's symposium titled "Generals We Love to Hate," looking at some of the more controversial Civil War military leaders.


Saturday 10pm & Sunday 4pm ET
Reel America: "The President: December 1967"
The White House Naval Photographic Unit produced monthly reports on the activities of President Lyndon B. Johnson between 1963 and 1969. This film includes scenes of the White House wedding of LBJ's daughter Lynda to Charles Robb, the National Christmas Tree lighting, and a presidential trip around the world with stops in Australia, Thailand, South Vietnam, Pakistan and the Vatican. This program is part of the LBJ Presidential Library moving picture collection.


Sunday 6pm & 10pm ET
American Artifacts: Willard Hotel
Located two blocks from the White House, the Willard Hotel has been a witness to history for 200 years. We visit to learn about its guests, including Abraham Lincoln, World War II soldiers and the first Japanese delegation to the United States in 1860. We also stopped by the Round Robin Bar to hear about Kentucky's Henry Clay and the origin of the mint julep.


Sunday 6:45pm & 10:45pm ET
U.S. Wars & Disabled Veterans
Paying with Their Bodies: American War and the Problem of the Disabled Veteran" is a 2015 book by Oklahoma State history professor John Kinder. In this illustrated talk at the New York Academy of Medicine, Mr. Kinder explores U.S. wars through the injured bodies of five disabled veterans and argues that the nation struggles --and often fails -- to adequately meet their needs.

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