Highlights This Holiday Weekend on American History TV

by NinaShelton

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Three-Day Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend - January 13-16, 2018  


Saturday 8pm & Midnight ET
Lectures in History: Colonial America Before the Revolution
Lebanon Valley College professor James Broussard teaches a class on the lead-up to the American Revolution. He describes actions by the British Parliament, such as the Stamp Act, and stationing British troops in Boston, that American colonists began to view as an overreach of power.


Saturday 10pm & Sunday 4pm ET
Reel America: "Assignment Iran" (1963)
"Assignment Iran" is a 1963 U.S. Army report that follows an Army adviser through his Fort Bragg, North Carolina special forces training, Persian language school in California, and two-year assignment in Iran helping to create and train a special forces group there. The Cold War goal was to combat communist forces who opposed the U.S. friendly Iranian government.


Sunday 6pm & 10pm ET
American Artifacts: U.S. Diplomacy Center Museum
A curator and a historian from the State Department's U.S. Diplomacy Center used a selection of artifacts from their collection of more than 7,000 to tell the diplomatic history of the United States. The artifacts will be featured in the U.S. Diplomacy Center Museum, which is scheduled to open in 2019.


Monday 8am & 8pm ET
Lectures in History: Martin Luther King Jr.
Stanford University history professor Clayborne Carson talks about civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s upbringing and chronicles his early career as a reverend. Professor Carson’s class took place at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta – where MLK and his father were both pastors. The class was part of a three-week seminar that included field trips to visit civil rights historic sites.

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