Highlights This Weekend on American History TV March 10-12

by NinaShelton

C-SPAN3's American History TV
8am Saturday – 8am Monday March 10-12, 2018  


Saturday 7:05pm ET
Frederick Douglass Bicentennial
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) hosts a ceremony to commemorate the 200th anniversary of African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass' birth. Speakers include Congressional Black Caucus chair Cedric Richmond (D-Louisiana) and a Douglass descendant. The ceremony was in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center's Emancipation Hall.


Saturday 8pm & midnight ET
Lectures in History: Political Right Since the 1960s
Emory University professor Joseph Crespino teaches a class on the political right since the 1960s, and explores how the Democratic South became solidly Republican. He focuses on the "Southern Strategy" efforts by the Republican party to appeal to conservative whites. He also talks about the economic growth of the Sun Belt region, states in the South and Southwest, and the impact on this political shift.


Sunday 6pm & 10pm ET
American Artifacts: Herblock Political Cartoons
The Library of Congress houses the largest collection of political cartoons by Herbert Block, better known as Herblock. His career spanned 72 years and he covered presidents from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush. The library's Sara Duke talked to us about his influence and legacy, and showed us many of his cartoons, some on exhibit in the Herblock gallery.


Sunday 8pm & midnight ET
The Presidency: Ulysses S. Grant
Charles Calhoun, author of "The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant," reevaluates the 18th president. He explains why Grant was considered an unsuccessful chief executive by many early 20th century historians despite his domestic and foreign policy achievements. He argues that Grant was actually an influential president dogged by political enemies and scandal. The Smithsonian Associates hosted the event.

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