Prime time Schedule: May 28 - June 1 on American History TV

by NinaShelton

American History TV Prime Time Schedule
May  29 - June 1, 2018
Starts at 8pm Each Night on C-SPAN 3


Monday, May 28
World War I Centennial
The U.S. entered World War I in April 1917, but it was a year later when American Army soldiers and Marines saw their first major combat on the Western Front. This Memorial Day on American History TV, we'll look back 100 years to key battles in northeastern France near the town of Chateau-Thierry and at Belleau Wood. More than 10,000 Americans died, were wounded, or went missing in this area.

Our coverage includes:
• A tour of the battlefield, monuments, and the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France with World War I historian Mitchell Yockelson
• A program with Edward Lengel, author of "Thunder and Flames: Americans in the Crucible of Combat, 1917-1918" with viewer calls & tweets
• Archival film of World War I battles, burials, and memorial dedications

Tuesday, May 29
Political Satire
Programs on political satire, including a look at the 1988 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Hustler Magazine v. Falwell. Religious leader Jerry Falwell sued to recover damages for libel, invasion of privacy, and emotional distress over a cartoon parody that Hustler magazine published. This discussion of the landmark case in which the court ruled unanimously for Hustler focused on its significance and impact on editorial cartoonists and other First Amendment cases. This event was part of a symposium on political satire held at the University of Minnesota.

Wednesday, May 30
1968: America in Turmoil
From our series "1968: America in Turmoil," Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Hume Kennerly and former CBS and NBC News reporter Marvin Kalb talk about the media’s role in 1968. That year, Americans were eyewitnesses to war in Vietnam, astronauts orbiting the moon, chaos on their city streets, and assassinations. Television and news magazines captured America at its most volatile, vulnerable and vibrant while shaping the stories they covered.

Later, more from the series with a look at the Cold War in 1968. Guests are historian and documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Cobbs and Mark Kramer, head of Harvard's Project on Cold War Studies. The Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union provided the backdrop for the events of 1968, whether in Vietnam, during the presidential campaign, or in the space race.

Thursday, May 31
Vietnam War Oral Histories
On this night, interviews with several Vietnam War veterans who share their experiences of fighting and living in Vietnam. The Witness to War Foundation conducted the interviews.

Friday, June 1
The Presidency 
Programs from American History TV's "The Presidency series, including Clifton Truman Daniel, President Harry Truman’s eldest grandson, speaking about the restoration of the White House that took place between 1948 and 1952. The White House Historical Association hosted this event.

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