Oral Histories: Women in Congress - Sue Myrick This Sunday, August 12

by NinaShelton

Oral Histories: Women in Congress
Sue Myrick - August 12, 10 am ET
American History TV on C-SPAN3


We continue our eight-week series of interviews with former congresswomen, focusing on their political careers, campaigns, committee positions, and reflections on women in politics. The first Republican woman from North Carolina elected to the House, Sue Myrick, served from 1995 to 2013. She talks about chairing the Republican Study Committee, her personal fight against breast cancer and the influence it had on her legislative career. The U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Historian conducted the interview.



Our series features:

  • July 29: Susan Molinari (R-New York, 1990-1997) - House Republican Conference Vice Chair 
  • August 5: Patricia Schroeder (D-Colorado, 1973-1997) - first woman elected to Congress from Colorado 
  • August 12: Sue Myrick (R- North Carolina, 1995-2013) - first Republican woman elected to Congress from North Carolina 
  • August 19: Eva Clayton (D-North Carolina, 1992-2003) - first African American woman to represent North Carolina in Congress 
  • August 26: Helen Delich Bentley (R-Maryland, 1985-1995) - Member of the Merchant Marine and Fisheries & Appropriations Committees 
  • September 2: Barbara Kennelly (D- Connecticut, 1981-1999) - House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair 
  • September 9: Nancy Johnson (R-Connecticut, 1983-2007) - first Republican woman to serve on the Ways and Means Committee
  • September 16: Lynn Woolsey (D-California, 1993-2013) - first former welfare mother to serve in Congress  

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