Prime Time Schedule: October 8-12 on American History TV

by NinaShelton

American History TV Prime Time Schedule
October 8 - 12, 2018
Starts at 8pm Each Night on C-SPAN 3


Monday, October 8
Topic: The Supreme Court
A night of programs hosted by the Supreme Court Historical Society looking at the lives and legacies of chief justices Warren Burger (1969-86), John Jay (1789-95) and John Marshall (1801-35), as well as associate justices Robert Jackson (1941-54) and Thurgood Marshall (1967-91).

Tuesday, October 9
Topic: The Supreme Court
More programming on the U.S. Supreme Court, starting with federal appeals court Judge Douglas Ginsburg on the history and evolution of the nation's highest court and the debate over "orginalism," a legal philosophy that the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted based on the intent of the Founders. Later, Judge Ginsburg sits down for an interview about his own career, including his time as a clerk for Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Wednesday, October 10
Topic: Lectures in History: Southern Culture
From our "Lectures in History" series taking viewers inside college classrooms, a look at southern culture in U.S. history, beginning with professor Tom Lee of East Tennessee State University on the influence of the South on the national culture in the 1970s. He discusses the political importance of the region during Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, notes the shift in migration to the South, and highlights the growing popularity of NASCAR, country music, and "Southern Living" magazine.

Thursday,October 11
Topic: World War I, German U-Boats & the U.S. Coast
A look back 100 years at German U-Boat campaigns during World War I, starting with shipwreck diver Dave Sommers on the 1918 U-Boat attack that sank the SS Merak and the Diamond Shoals Lightship off the coast of North Carolina. All programs on this night are from a symposium hosted by the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, North Carolina.

Friday, October 12
Topic: Presidential Descendants 
Descendants of Presidents Ford, Truman, McKinley, Johnson, and Theodore Roosevelt share their family stories at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. The event was part of conference hosted by the White House Historical Association.

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