Prime Time Schedule: February 18-22 on American History TV

by NinaShelton

American History TV Prime Time Schedule
Week of February 18-22, 2019
Starts at 8pm ET Each Night on C-SPAN 3


Monday, February 18
Topic: The Presidency
8:00pm ET: The Civil War Creating the Lincoln Memorial
9:00pm ET: George Washington & Designing the Capital City
9:30pm ET: The Presidency Thomas Jefferson's Image

Tuesday, February 19
Topic: Jewish History
8:00pm ET: American Artifacts Americans and the Holocaust Exhibit - Part 1
8:35pm ET: American Artifacts Americans and the Holocaust Exhibit - Part 2
9:20pm ET: Surviving Auschwitz Concentration Camp
10:36pm ET: American Artifacts 1876 Synagogue in Washington, DC

Wednesday, February 20
Topic: Apollo 8
8:00pm ET: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 8
9:05pm ET: Oral Histories NASA - Frank Borman Interview
10:25pm ET: Washington Journal Apollo 8 - First Manned Lunar Orbit

Thursday, February 21
Topic: African American History
8:00pm ET: 93rd Annual Black History Luncheon
10:30pm ET: Shirley Chisholm
10:44pm ET: Reel America A Time for Freedom - 1957

Friday, February 22
Topic: Judicial History
8:00pm ET: Landmark Cases Tinker v. Des Moines
9:30pm ET: 1940s Supreme Court Cases on Flag Salute in Schools
9:55pm ET: Jehovah's Witnesses on Mandatory Flag Salute
10:29pm ET: Jehovah's Witnesses & Human Rights

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