Reel America D-Day Programs: Sunday, June 9th Starting at 4pm ET

by NinaShelton

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Reel America D-DAY Programming
June 9, 2019


Sunday 4pm ET
Reel America: "D-Day to Germany"
This 1944 film was shot and edited by Jack Lieb, a Hearst "News of the Day" correspondent who was assigned to cover the D-Day invasion of France. Mr. Lieb also brought his own 16mm movie camera and color film to shoot scenes for his family back home. After the war, he created a traveling film and lecture program with this footage. The National Archives restored the film, together with a 1976 audio recording of his narration, the final lecture he gave before he died. Here's a preview:


Sunday 4:44pm ET
Reel America: "D-Day 50 Years"
This 1994 Armed Forces Network report from Normandy, France covers events marking the 50th anniversary of D-Day. It includes several interviews with D-Day veterans, behind-the-scenes accounts of Army preparations, Airborne parachute jumps, speech highlights, and scenes from American cemeteries. Now known as the American Forces Network, AFN was founded by the War Department as the Armed Forces Radio Service during World War II. Their television broadcasts began in 1954. Here's a preview:


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