Highlights This Weekend on American History TV November 16-18, 2019

by MaggieStrolle

C-SPAN3's American History TV
8am Saturday - 8am Monday, November 16-18, 2019  


Saturday 10:30am ET
Role of Men in the Women's Suffrage Movement
Three authors explore the role of men in the women's suffrage movement and the reasons they supported the 19th Amendment. This National Archives event is one of a series associated with their exhibit, "Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote."


Saturday 2pm ET 
Documenting History Through Photography
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Hume Kennerly talks with historian Jon Meacham about his more than 50 year-long photography career. Among the topics: Mr. Kennerly's time as President Gerald Ford's chief White House photographer and his most iconic photographs. The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona and Bank of America hosted this event.


Saturday 10pm & Sunday 4pm ET
Reel America: Apollo 12: Pinpoint for Science
This past July marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Four months later, on November 14, 1969, Apollo 12 blasted off on the second manned mission to land on the moon. "Apollo 12: Pinpoint for Science" is a NASA documentary telling the mission's story, which began with a lightning strike to the launch vehicle 36 seconds after lift-off.


Sunday 8pm & midnight ET
The Presidency: Pat Oliphant's Political Cartoons - LBJ to Reagan
Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Pat Oliphant and his work are the subjects of discussion at the University of Virginia, which has just acquired his cartoon collection. We hear from presidential scholars, including Ken Hughes and Kent Germany from UVA's Miller Center. They focus on the presidencies from Lyndon B. Johnson to Ronald Reagan.

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