Three-Day Presidents' Day Weekend February 15-18, 2020

by MaggieStrolle

C-SPAN3's American History TV
8am Saturday, February 15 - 8am Tuesday, February 18, 2020  


Saturday 8pm & midnight ET
Lectures in History: Rural America After the Civil War
We visit the James Madison University classroom of professor Andrew Witmer to hear about how rural areas evolved after the Civil War. Using his hometown of Monson, Maine as a case study, he looks at rural industries and the rise of tourism aided by the expansion of the railroads.


Sunday 6pm & 10pm ET
American Artifacts: Presidents' Heads
Inspired by Mount Rushmore, sculptor David Adickes created 42 giant busts of American presidents for a Williamsburg, Virginia "Presidents Park" that opened in 2004. After the park closed in 2010, the 15 to 18 foot, 18,000-20,000 pound statues were transported 12 miles to private property, where they have been decaying ever since. We met photographer, author and storyteller John Plashal, who leads walking tours and photography clinics at the location, to learn more.


Sunday 6:30pm & 10:30pm ET
POW & Concentration Camp Escapes & Rescues
The Kansas City Public Library hosts co-authors David Mills and Kayla Westra who talk about their book, "Great Wartime Escapes and Rescues." They focus on stories about World War II POWs and concentration camps..


Monday 9am ET - LIVE
George Washington's Mount Vernon
Historian Doug Bradburn joins us LIVE from Mount Vernon's Museum and Education Center to talk about George Washington's vision for the presidency. We'll learn about the library, home and museum in Northern Virginia, and see reenactors prepare to celebrate the first president's birthday on the mansion grounds. Mr. Bradburn is President & CEO of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, which manages George Washington's Mount Vernon.


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