Highlights This Weekend on American History TV April 11- 13, 2020

by MaggieStrolle

C-SPAN3's American History TV
8am Saturday, April 11 - 8am Monday, April 13, 2020  


Sunday 1pm ET
Apollo 13: 50th Anniversary
On April 11, 1970, Apollo 13 blasted off on what was to be the third NASA mission to land humans on the moon. An onboard explosion caused critical system failures that forced the mission to abort and return to Earth, averting a crisis which nearly left three astronauts stranded in space. The crew splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on April 17. American History TV tells the story with these programs:
"Apollo 13: Houston, We've Got a Problem" - a 1970 NASA documentary
Apollo 13 commander James Lovell shares his flight memories in a NASA oral history interview
Lead flight director Gene Kranz details how NASA's ground team worked to ensure the astronauts' safe return.
Post-flight press conference at the Johnson Space Center in Houston with Apollo 13 astronauts James Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise on April 21.


Saturday 6pm ET
The Civil War: Emancipation in Washington, D.C.
Oberlin College history professor Tamika Nunley talks about the experiences of newly-freed African Americans, particularly women, in the Washington, D.C area following the 1862 District of Columbia Emancipation Act. This talk was part of a symposium held at the Library of Virginia in Richmond.

Saturday 10pm & Sunday 4pm ET
Reel America: "FDR and World War II" - 2008
Seventy-five years ago, on April 12, 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt died - only a few months into his fourth term - stunning a nation just as the war in Europe was coming to an end. FDR and World War II is a 2008 program produced by the Pare Lorentz Center at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum. Composed of narration and archival film, photos and audio from the collections of the library and National Archives, it includes nine segments, each focusing on FDR's involvement with a key wartime issue.


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