Highlights this Weekend on American History TV January 16-18, 2021

by MaggieStrolle

C-SPAN3's American History TV
8am Sunday, January 16 - 8am Monday, January 18, 2021  


Saturday 10pm & Sunday 4pm ET
Reel America: Presidential Inaugurations
As the nation's capital prepares for Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, we feature several films on past inaugurations:
"The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy" - 1961
"The Inaugural Story 1969" - Richard Nixon
"The Inauguration of President Truman" - 1949
"1957 Inauguration of Dwight Eisenhower"
"The Inaugural Story" - Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1941



Sunday 2pm ET
Battle of Iwo Jima
Historian Mark DePue discusses the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima and the strategic importance of the island to both the American and Japanese forces during World War II. He recounts eyewitness soldier testimonies and details the military maneuvers of the five-week campaign. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum hosted this event.


Sunday 6pm & 10pm ET
American Artifacts: National Air & Space Museum
American History TV toured the popular National Air and Space Museum which is now closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. First, curator Jeremy Kinney shows us some of the museum's one-of-a-kind artifacts that tell the story of the first half-century of aviation. Then we see artifacts that tell the story of space exploration from the Moon to Mars with space history department chair Valerie Neal.


Sunday 8pm ET
The Presidency: George H.W. Bush & the Persian Gulf War
We look back 30 years to January 16, 1991, when President George H.W. Bush announced from the Oval Office the start of the Persian Gulf War. Named Operation Desert Storm, the military action began with aerial bombing of Iraq and was the opening salvo of an effort to drive Saddam Hussein from neighboring Kuwait, which Iraq invaded several months earlier. That's followed by his State of the Union address delivered two weeks later on January 29, in which he discusses the allied invasion of Iraq.


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