Highlight This Weekend on American History TV April 24-26, 2021

by MaggieStrolle

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8am Saturday, April 24 - 8am Monday, April 26, 2021  


Saturday & Sunday 2pm ET
Oral Histories: The Vietnam War
We continue to feature oral history interviews conducted by the Atlanta History Center's Kenan Research Center for the Veterans History Project.

  • Saturday 2pm ET - Camilla Meyerson recounts her time as a Red Cross "Donut Dolly" during the Vietnam War, visiting soldiers in the hospital and helping them write letters home. "Donut Dollies" were women assigned to boost soldier morale in active war zones.


Saturday 8pm ET
Lectures in History: 1864 Presidential Election
Christopher Newport University professor Jonathan White teaches a class about the 1864 presidential election pitting incumbent Abraham Lincoln against his former top general, Democrat George McClellan. With casualties mounting and Union armies stalemated in the field, Professor White says, that by August 1864, President Lincoln was unpopular with the electorate and convinced he would lose. But a Democratic platform conciliatory to the Confederates -- viewed by many as traitorous -- coupled with the fall of Atlanta to Union forces, helped propel Lincoln to a landslide victory.



Saturday 8pm & midnight ET
American Artifacts: Tidal Basin & Cherry Blossoms
Every spring, thousands of people visit the Washington, D.C. Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms. Memorials to Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. stand on its banks. The Tidal Basin started as an engineering project, but has also served as a swimming hole, a protest ground, and the scene of a political scandal. Mike Litterst, National Mall and Memorial Parks communications chief, met us on site to talk about the area's history and famous Japanese cherry trees.


Sunday 8pm & midnight ET
The Presidency: Renovated Truman Presidential Library
The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum in Independence, Missouri is nearly ready to debut new exhibits telling the 33rd president's life story. Director Kurt Graham talks with the National Archives Foundation's Patrick Madden about what visitors can expect to find when they eventually return to the museum. The National Archives Foundation hosted this event.


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