American History TV Prime Time Schedule May 17-21, 2021

by MaggieStrolle

C-SPAN3's American History TV in Prime Time
May 17 - May 21, 2021
8pm Each Night on C-SPAN 3


Monday, May 17
World War II Oral Histories
World War II veteran Clinton Gardner shares stories of his experiences in the war's European theater. Injured during the D-Day invasion, he rejoined his division after recovering and took part in the Battle of the Bulge. He later served in the military administration of the liberated Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp. The National World War II Museum conducted this interview in 2012 for its oral history collection.

Tuesday, May 18
Civil Rights Leaders
Biographer Jon Meacham, author of "His Truth Is Marching On: John Lewis and the Power of Hope," is joined by two former chiefs of staff to the late congressman and civil rights leader to discuss his life's work. The Washington National Cathedral hosted this conversation as part of its "Honest to God" series.  

Wednesday, May 19
Korean War
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor Joseph Glatthaar teaches a class about the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur's removal from command by President Harry Truman, and civil-military relations. This program is from American History TV's "Lectures in History" series, which takes viewers into college classrooms around the country.

Thursday, May 20
U.S.- France Relations
Author Christy Pichichero talks about the French officers who fought with the Continental Army against the British in the American Revolution. She explains that their experiences fighting for "Enlightenment" ideals had a profound influence on French politics once they returned home, helping to lead to revolution in France itself within a decade. The American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati hosted this event.   

Friday, May 21
Grover Cleveland
University of Kentucky professor Mark Summers tells the story of Democrat Grover Cleveland's 1884 election over Republican James G. Blaine. Both candidates faced moral questions during the campaign -- Cleveland that he fathered an illegitimate child and Blaine that he used his congressional position for corrupt purposes. But, in the end, Cleveland's reform-minded ideas on the civil service system and money in politics prevailed in one of the most closely contested races in U.S. history. Southern Methodist University's Center for Presidential History hosted this event.

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