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Bell Ringer: The Articles of Confederation: Overview and Powers

Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation


Christ Arndt discusses the creation of Articles of Confederation, including the powers it gave to the federal and state governments.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • Explain how the Articles of Confederation represent “what Americans wanted at that time?” What were they fearful of?
  • What role did conflicting land claims play in the passing of the Articles of Confederation?
  • What was the balance of power between the federal and state governments under the Articles of Confederation? Why do you think it was created in this manner?
  • What powers did the national government have? Explain why the powers were more limited than they appeared, citing specific examples.



    • Apportioned
    • Articles Of Confederation
    • Cede
    • Central Government
    • Confederation
    • Delegated
    • Ratification
    • Sovereign


    Constitutional FoundationU.S. History


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