Bell Ringers
| Clip Of Pocahontas at the National Portrait Gallery

Bell Ringer: The New World: Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan, the Algonquian Indians, and Jamestown


Jim Barber, National Portrait gallery historian and curator, examined one of the museum's oil paintings titled, "Pocahontas." The image is of the Native American woman who married an Englishman named John Rolfe in the early 1600s. Mr. Barber also provides a brief overview of the early 17th century landing of English settlers in Jamestown, VA.

8 minutes

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • When did John Smith arrive in Jamestown? What was the significance of the Jamestown settlement?
  • Who was Chief Powhatan?
  • What allegedly occurred between Pocahontas and John Smith? Describe its effect on the settlers and Native Americans.
  • Explain how Jamestown was meant to be a commercial endeavor. What role did John Rolfe play?
  • Why did John Rolfe sail back to England with Pocahontas? Describe their time in England.
  • Describe the oil painting “Pocahontas” and what is known about it.



    • Algonquian Indians
    • Chief Powhatan
    • Colony
    • Jamestown
    • John Rolfe
    • John Smith
    • Mattaponi Tribe


    U.S. History