Bell Ringers
| Clip Of Anne Frank Exhibit Opening

Bell Ringer: The Diary of Anne Frank


Anne Frank's cousin and closest living relative, Buddy Elias, spoke at the U.S. Holocaust Museum's opening of the exhibit, “Anne Frank the Writer - An Unfinished Story.” Anne Frank was the Dutch Jewish teenager who kept a diary of her experience during the Nazi occupation of Holland, first at her home, then in hiding for two years. She eventually died in a Nazi death camp in 1944.

3 minutes

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • Describe the last time Buddy Elias saw and corresponded with his cousin, Anne Frank.
  • When did Otto Frank learn of his daughter Anne’s death? Explain his response to finding and reading her diary.
  • According to Buddy Elias, what was Anne Frank’s dream? Explain how this has been realized through her diary.



  • Anne Frank
  • Anti-semitism
  • Auschwitz
  • Bergen-belsen
  • Holocaust
  • Nazi Party


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