Bell Ringers
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Bell Ringer: History of the Presidential Primary System


Akhil Reed Amar and Richard Pildes talked about the history of presidential primaries in the U.S. election process.

7 minutes

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • Explain how presidential primaries were first started in the early 20th century, including Theodore Roosevelt's role.
  • What role did presidential primaries play from 1914 to 1920?
  • Describe how the presidential primary election system worked from 1920 to 1970.
  • How did that system break down after the 1968 Democratic Convention?
  • What was the McGovern-Fraser Commission? Describe its impact of the presidential primary system.



    • Caucus
    • Coalition
    • Conventions
    • Delegates
    • Eugene Mccarthy
    • George Wallace
    • Hubert Humphrey
    • Mcgovern-fraser Commission
    • Primary
    • Progressive Movement
    • Solid South
    • Theodore Roosevelt
    • Tyranny


    Campaigns & ElectionsPolitical PartiesU.S. History


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