Bell Ringers

Bell Ringer: The 1966 Fulbright Hearings on the Vietnam War

Fulbright Hearings during Vietnam

Donald Ritchie described the Fulbright hearings about Vietnam which was held in the Russell Senate Office Building.


Senate Historian Emeritus Donald Ritchie explained the significance of the 1966 Vietnam hearings and how it impacted public support for the Vietnam War.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What was the topic of the Fulbright hearings? Why was it unique at the time?
  • How did the Johnson administration react to the Fulbright hearings?
  • How did the Fulbright hearings change attitudes towards the Vietnam War?
  • What impact did television coverage of the Vietnam War have on public opinion?

Additional Resource



    • Anti-war Movement
    • George Kennan
    • Lyndon B. Johnson
    • Media
    • Napalm
    • Soviet Union
    • Testify
    • Vietnam War


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