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On July 13, 2020

Lesson Plan: Demographics and Political Alignment

Demographic Change and Future Elections: Race Demographic Change and Political Party

An excerpt focusing on simulations based on race for future elections through 2036. Representatives from several Washington, D.C. think tanks talked about the findings of a report titled, “States of Change: America’s Electoral Future” report. The report, a collaboration between several think tanks represented on the panel, focused on changing demographics and the impact of these changes on future politics and elections. The Bipartisan Policy Center, Center for American Progress, Brookings Institution, PRRI, and American Enterprise Institute partnered for the report’s unveiling and discussion of the results.


What demographics are more likely to be Democratic or Republican? In this lesson, students will learn about political participation based on demographics and how political parties use those demographics in predicting elections and voter behavior. In the extension activities, be given a chance to explore their own demographics and ideologies.



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  • Affiliation
  • Demographics
  • Electorate
  • Eligible Voter
  • Ideology
  • Socialization
  • Swing Voter


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