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On July 14, 2020

Lesson Plan: Scales of Geographic Analysis - Coronavirus Pandemic

WHO Global Coronavirus Response

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus encourages global action to counter the coronavirus pandemic


Scale is the relationship between an area of the earth that is being studied and the earth as a whole. The current coronavirus pandemic offers a powerful opportunity to study a global phenomenon at a variety of scales. Geographers conduct geographic analysis on the local, regional and global scales and are increasingly interested in the tensions that exist between scales. Understanding these differences can provide insight into how humans interact with the environment, institutions and each other.


  • Warm-up:

    Answer the following question to begin class.

    • What images and characteristics do you associate with the words local, regional and global?
  • Introduction: Scales of Analysis

    Each scale of geographic analysis has certain characteristics. To learn about these characteristics, instruct students to read the Scales of Analysis Handout linked below. Students should define terms in boldface and note the characteristics of each scale of analysis using the graphic organizer on the last page of the handout. Review student responses when complete.

    Handout: Scales of Analysis (Google Doc)

  • Exploration:

    Instruct students to watch the video clips on the Scales of Analysis-Coronavirus Handout linked below and answer the questions that follow. Summarize these questions as a class when complete.

    Handout: Scales of Analysis-Coronavirus (Google Slide)

  • Video Clip 1: WHO Global CoronaVirus Response (2:04)

    Video Clip 2: America’s Coronavirus Response (1:00)

    Organize students into groups to continue with the map analysis questions. Once the responses have been generated by each group, a spokesperson for the group will share their responses with the class. A whole class organizer on a markerboard is a great way to display the variety of responses.

  • Conclusion:

    Answer the following questions as an exit ticket at the end of the class:

    • How does understanding an event such as a pandemic from multiple geographic scales help a person make more informed decisions?

    • Do you believe that understanding the world from multiple geographic scales can alter individual behavior?

    • Can you think of a real world situation (other than the coronavirus pandemic) that might require people to understand on multiple scales to act intelligently? Describe the situation.

Additional Resource


  • Absolute Location
  • Dialect
  • Formal Region
  • Functional Region
  • Globalization
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Nimby
  • Relative Location
  • Scale
  • Site
  • Situation
  • Toponym
  • Universalizing Religion
  • Vernacular Region




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