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On July 18, 2020

Lesson Plan: Choice Board: Our Founding Documents

Signing the Declaration - Independence Hall Assembly Room

National Park Service Park Ranger Matthew Ifill told the story of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention from the room inside Independence Hall where the events took place.


This document is a choice board covering 12 different topics related to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Students are linked to a C-SPAN video and other .gov source, and then have specific activities to complete for each topic. Teachers can customize this document as needed -- the current directions ask students to complete 6 topics, but that can be adjusted. This is a multi-day activity that can be done in person or via distance learning.


  • SET-UP:

    Open the Our Founding Documents Google Slides Presentation in Google and choose "File" then "Make a Copy" to get your own copy. Make any needed adjustments in the instructions and then make it available to students (via Google Classroom or another method).

    Update the directions on the first slide of the choice board with your own instructions to students if you choose. The board currently requires them to complete the first three activities. Students then have a choice of completing three additional activities from the collection, but you can adjust that before you send to students.

    Each student will need their own digital copy of the Google Slides (via Google Classroom or some other method); they will also need a Google account to be able to complete the work.

    CHOICE BOARD: Our Founding Documents (Google Slides)

    TEACHER NOTES: Our Founding Documents (Google Doc)


    In this lesson, students will explore the people and events surrounding the founding documents of the U.S.

    Students will complete the first three activities in the choice board (listed below) which include reading documents, viewing related videos and answering accompanying questions.



    Have students review the following reading:

    Document: Declaration of Independence: A Transcription (National Archives)

    Then ask them to view the following videos and respond to the accompanying questions on the slide numbered 1:

    Video Clip 1: Signing the Declaration (4:13)

    Video Clip 2: Declaration of Independence (1:41)


    Have students review the following reading:

    Document: Preamble to the Constitution

    Then ask them to view the following videos and respond to the accompanying questions on the slide numbered 2:

    Video Clip 3: Articles of Confederation (2:38)

    Video Clip 4: Constitutional Convention - Independence Hall Assembly Room (6:01)

    Video Clip 5: Three-Fifths Compromise (1:58)


    Have students to review the following reading:

    Document: Bill of Rights (Library of Congress)

    Then ask them to view the following videos and respond to the accompanying questions on the slide numbered 3:

    Video Clip 6: The Bill of Rights (:50)

    Video Clip 7: National Constitution Center Signer's Hall (4:32)

    Document: Bill of Rights: 1789-91 (Ben's Guide Learning Adventures Website)


    Students will select 3 additional activities from slides numbered 4-12 on the choice board. They can browse through the activities first to see which ones they would like to choose, then follow the directions to complete them.

    When students finish an activity, they should place a star on top of the dot on the first slide to show they have completed it.


    Students should turn in their completed Google Slides by submitting the URL to you electronically.

    Review student responses and address any misconceptions.


    BILL OF RIGHTS BINGO (Google Sldies)

    Engage students in a game of BINGO! Save a copy of the slide deck and have students complete the digital board with Amendments 1-10. Then, read the given words/phrases and have students mark their board with the related amendment. Once students have a achieved BINGO, they can explain how each word or phrase relates to the amendment on their board. Students can also choose one of the activities to complete from the accompanying list.

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