Bell Ringers

Bell Ringer: Phillis Wheatley

Phyllis Wheatley

Staff from the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia showcased exhibits and artifacts and responded to viewer comments and questions. The museum opened in April 2017.


R. Scott Stephenson, Vice President of Collections, Exhibitions and Programming at the museum of the American Revolution explained the life and significance of Phillis Wheatley during the time of the American Revolution. During this time, Phillis Wheatley became the first published African American poet and was well known in England and the American colonies.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • How were the colonists’ calls for liberty during the American Revolution contradicted by the presence of slavery in America?
  • Who was Phyllis Wheatley?
  • Describe the early life of Phyllis Wheatley.
  • Why were her accomplishments significant at the time?

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