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Bell Ringer: Big Data and Competition

Steve Satterfield, Facebook Privacy and Public Policy Vice President

Executives from Facebook and Google testified about competition and privacy before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Competition Policy and Consumer Rights, commenting on data tracking and usage, anti-competitive practices, and consumer privacy rights.


This bell ringer examines how big data is managed and the relationship between data management and competition in the global marketplace.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • CLIP 1: What does Steve Satterfield say are the benefits of using data?
  • CLIP 1: According to Satterfield, what responsibility does Facebook hold? What has the company done to act on this responsibility?
  • CLIP 1: Summarize what Satterfield said about the relationship between data, competition, and success.
  • CLIP 2: What does John Robb say are the three major methods to dealing with big data?
  • CLIP 2: Why does Robb say that the United States' current management of big data is like a "feudal system?" What does he say are the drawbacks of this system?
  • CLIP 2: What solution does Robb offer for the big data ownership problem?

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