Bell Ringers

Bell Ringer: Child Safety on Social Media


Jennifer Stout, Vice President of Global Public Policy for Snap, Inc. testified before a Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation subcommittee on the impact of social media platforms on children.


This bell ringer features testimony from executives of Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube on their ongoing efforts to ensure safety for children and other users on their social media platforms.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • CLIP 1: What does Jennifer Stout say about Snapchat's founders and the features that "troubled them?"
  • CLIP 1: Based on the clip, what are the three key ways Snapchat was initially built to prioritize privacy and safety?
  • CLIP 1: What motivations have subsequent changes to Snapchat been influenced by? What examples of recent changes does Stout provide?
  • CLIP 2: What does Michael Beckerman say is the purpose of TikTok? What does he say about TikTok's goals and how the organization operates?
  • CLIP 2: Based on the clip, what steps has TikTok taken to ensure the safety of users? How has TikTok provided safety controls and tools to parents?
  • CLIP 2: According to Beckerman, what partnerships has TikTok engaged in related to child safety? What new initiatives is TikTok currently designing?
  • CLIP 3: How has YouTube provided "protections that allow [young people] age-appropriate access to information?"
  • CLIP 3: How does Leslie Miller say YouTube removes harmful content? How does Miller say YouTube currently empowers parents to "control and customize" content for their families?
  • CLIP 3: What other examples of YouTube's efforts to protect children does Miller describe?
  • EXTENSION: Create a three-column T-chart with three rows. Label the columns "Snapchat," "TikTok," and "YouTube." Label the rows "motivations," "current features," and "next steps." Using the clips and related articles, compare the three social media companies' efforts to protect young users.

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