| Clip Of Timbs v. Indiana Oral Argument

Video Clip: Timbs v. Indiana Oral Argument


The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Timbs v. Indiana. The state of Indiana seized Tyson Timbs' sports utility vehicle (SUV) after he pleaded guilty to and was sentenced to six years for dealing heroin and conspiracy to commit theft. Mr. Timbs filed suit against the state, and a forfeiture hearing was held. An Indiana county Superior Court judge ruled that continuing to hold the SUV would be “grossly disproportionate” to Mr. Timbs' crime and would violate the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause, and the Indiana Court of Appeals agreed with this ruling. The Supreme Court of Indiana, however, reversed the decision, arguing that the Eighth Amendment only applies for federal actions and does not prohibit state or local laws from imposing excessive fine. The Court on February 29, 2018, ruled 9-0 that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on excessive fines does apply to states and local governments.

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  • 8th Amendment
  • Austin V. United States (1993)
  • Bill Of Rights
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Civil Rights Amendments
  • Common Law
  • Constitution
  • Excessive Fines Clause
  • Hudson V. Michigan (2006)
  • In Kind
  • In Rem
  • Incorporation
  • Nexus
  • Punitive
  • Sanction
  • Star Chamber
  • Supreme Court
  • United States V. Bajakajian (1997)
  • United States V. Halper (1989)