Bell Ringers

Bell Ringer: Women in STEM

Nancy Chabot Reflects on Her Career

Nancy Chabot from Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory discusses the beginning of her career, her personal research interests, and the impact that STEM studies have in influencing women to join the field.


Nancy Chabot from Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory and Meredith MacGregor from University of Colorado Boulder discuss the beginnings of their careers in science and what the future holds for young women interested in science.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • CLIP 1: Based on the clip, what "inspired" Nancy Chabot to have a career in planetary science? What is named in Chabot's honor?
  • CLIP 1: How did Chabot come to focus on her current work with the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission?
  • CLIP 1: According to Chabot, what impact have STEM studies had on the number of women in Chabot's field?
  • CLIP 2: How did Meredith MacGregor become interested in space science?
  • CLIP 2: Based on the clip, what has MacGregor done to increase interest among young people in space science? What trends has she noticed?
  • CLIP 2: According to MacGregor, what questions do young people ask about space science today? How do these questions compare to the questions she had at that age?

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