Bell Ringers
| Clip Of Richmond Driving Tour

Bell Ringer: Touring the Historic Sites of Richmond, Virginia


Mayor Levar Stoney gave a driving tour of Richmond, Virginia, and highlighted some of its most historic locations.

11 minutes

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What famous speech was given at Richmond's St. John's Church? Who was it given by?
  • How did the city of Richmond get its name?
  • What served as a source of Richmond's commerce and trade in the past?
  • How did Richmond attract its residents and become the cultural arts history capital of Virginia?
  • Who holds the title of being the only African-American statue on Monument Avenue?



    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Arthur Ashe
    • Barbara Jones
    • Churchill
    • Commonwealth
    • Harry Byrd
    • Jeff Stewart
    • Lucky Strike Tower
    • Oliver Hill
    • Patrick Henry
    • Robert E. Lee
    • Stonewall Jackson
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • William Byrd


    U.S. History


    Middle SchoolHigh School