On This Day: Iran-Contra

On this day on May 5, 1987, Congress began its official proceedings in their investigation of the Iran-Contra affair. Iran-Contra was a covert operation by members of President Reagan's National Security team. It involved sales of military weapons to Iran in violation of an arms embargo and the use of proceeds from the arms sales to fund anti-government rebels or "contras" in Nicaragua. View the videos clips below to learn about this event and some of the people who were involved in it.

Iran-Contra Affair

Metropolitan State University professor Douglas Rossinow talked about the Iran-Contra affair. The Iran-Contra affair stemmed from Reagan administration officials funding of the Contras, who were fighting against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, with money from the sale of arms to Iran. The arms were being sold to Iran in the hope of gaining the release of American hostages.