On This Day: Whitewater

On March 8, 1992, an article printed in the New York Times, detailed Bill and Hillary Clinton's financial connections with Whitewater Development Corporation, a real estate venture in Arkansas. The plan involved purchasing and developing land in the Ozarks and selling it. Speculation about some of the people and banks involved in this plan emerged, and an investigation was launched into the matter. View the videos to learn more about the people who were involved in this incident and the process involved in launching the investigation.

Whitewater Special Counsel Announcement

Attorney General Reno called a news conference to introduce the special counsel she will appoint to investigate the president and first lady’s role in the Whitewater investigation. Mr. Fiske, a retired federal judge, will head up a team of lawyers who will examine the Whitewater issue. The special counsel will not report to the White House or the attorney general and no staff member will be in any way affiliated with these offices. Earlier this month, President Clinton asked the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate the first family’s role in Whitewater.