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Bell Ringer: The Role of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Role of the Environmental Protection Agency

Sen. Tom Carper from Delaware discussed the role of the EPA and some of its actions during the confirmation hearing of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created by Richard Nixon in 1970. It oversees the environment by enforcing regulations passed by Congress. The agency conducts research and it has responsibility for enforcing national environmental standards. This Bell Ringer includes two clips of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate. The first clip includes an overview of the EPA by Senator Tom Carper from Delaware and the second clip includes Scott Pruitt's opening statement to the committee.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What is the responsibility of the EPA?
  • Before the EPA, who had the responsibility of regulating the environment?
  • According to Senator Carper, why is the EPA necessary?
  • According to Senator Carper, why is it important for the role of protecting the environment to be a federal responsibility?
  • During the confirmation hearing, what does Mr. Pruitt mean by "pro-energy" and "pro-environment?" Why do these concepts seem at odds sometimes?
  • Explain the role of regulators. Explain how the EPA is a regulatory agency.
  • How does Mr. Pruitt plan on working with the states as the EPA administrator?
  • How can the regulations enforced by the EPA impact the economy?
  • Explain Mr. Regan's experience as Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
  • Describe Mr. Regan's approach to leading the EPA.

Additional Resources

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  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Climate Change
  • Confirmation Hearing
  • E.p.a.
  • Economy
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Executive Branch
  • Federalism
  • Natural Resources
  • Pollution
  • Regulation
  • Regulatory Agency
  • Rule Of Law


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