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On July 17, 2018

Bell Ringer: Demographics

Diversity, Aging, Education: Demographics

William Frey describes changing demographics of voters in recent elections.


These five video clips explain how demographics affect voting patterns. The first clip gives provides an overview of the influence of major demographic catigories, the second clip discusses how race projects will influence elections from 2016 through 2036, the third clip is about the demographics of age, the fourth clip explores the population of uneducated Americans and how political parties will target that population in upcoming elections, the fifth clip talks about changes during the 2016 election. This Bell Ringer explains key terms and vocabulary within the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What are the demographics that often influence political elections?
  • Why is it important to target different demographics with specific messages?
  • When demographics change in an area how does that affect the political interests of the Republican and Democratic parties?

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