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On September 2, 2018

Bell Ringer: Inherent Powers

Inherent Actions of the President

Barbara Olshansky speaks about the inherent actions of George W. Bush.


Inherent powers are those not explicitly stated in the Constitution that allows the government to take actions, which are needed to efficiently perform essential duties. This Bell Ringer explains key terms and vocabulary within the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What is inherent power?
  • What branches of the government have inherent powers?
  • Provide an example of an action a President took that exercised his use of inherent powers.
  • How does the media check on government use of inherent powers?
  • AP Gov Students- Questions to Consider: The presidency has been enhanced beyond its expressed constitutional powers; What is in place to ensure the executive branch does not become too powerful? Which Federalist Paper identifies the need to prevent a single branch from growing too powerful?

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    • Implied Powers
    • Inherent Powers
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