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Bell Ringer: The Redistricting Process

The Redistricting Process

National Conference of State Legislatures' Tim Storey explained the redistricting process that occurs at the state level. He spoke about the different ways that states draw these district lines for both the House and state and local offices.


In these two clips, National Conference of State Legislatures' Tim Storey talked about the process of redistricting and the role that the census and apportionment plays in this process.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What is the role of the census during the redistricting process?
  • Explain the reasons for redistricting.
  • Describe the different redistricting processes that occur at the state level.
  • What is apportionment and to which chamber of Congress does it apply?
  • What is the role that apportionment plays in redistricting?
  • How can population changes affect the apportionment process?
  • AP Government - Questions to Consider: How did the decision in Shaw v. Reno impact how states draw districts? How does partisan redistricting and gerrymandering affect polarization in the House of Representatives? Discuss how the redistricting process relates to the Connecticut Compromise during the Constitutional Convention.

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  • Census
  • Commission
  • Constitution
  • House Of Representatives
  • One-person One-vote
  • Reapportionment
  • Redistricting


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