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On July 5, 2019

Bell Ringer: The Emergence of Jazz

Jazz in New Orleans

This clip discusses the emergence of jazz in the port city of Louisiana (LA) and the childhood of Louis Armstrong.


This bellringer focuses of the birth of jazz in New Orleans, Louisiana (LA) and the emergence of Louis Armstrong as a jazz performer.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • How did New Orleans location as a port city contribute to the emergence of jazz in New Orleans?
  • According to Mr. Kunian, how did the treatment of slaves in New Orleans at that time differ from other parts of the country? How did that contribute to the emergence of jazz in New Orleans?
  • How was the childhood of Louis Armstrong typical by today's standards, and how did it differ? What about his childhood set the foundation for him to become a legendary jazz artist?

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    • Cultural Tropes
    • Jazz Music
    • Lenient
    • Port Town
    • Slavery


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