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On July 9, 2019

Bell Ringer: The US Forest Service

US Forest Service

This clip visits the National Museum of Forest Service History in Missoula, Montana (MT).


This bellringer visits Missoula, Montana (MT) to learn about the history of the agency, along with the role of forest rangers and how science plays a role in it all.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • According to the clip, what was the role/purpose of a Forest Ranger in the early 1900s? How important do you think their role was? Explain your thinking.
  • Describe the day-to-day life of a forest ranger.
  • How is science an integral part of the US Forest Service, especially as it pertains to predicting the danger of fire?

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    • Bureaucracy
    • Environmental Policy
    • Forest Ranger
    • Humidity
    • Regulation
    • Soil
    • Timber Management


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