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On July 9, 2019

Bell Ringer: The Impact of the Stonewall Riots

Events of the Stonewall Riots

This clip provides a quick summation of how the riots in the New York City (NY) neighborhood of Greenwich Village helped to develop the modern LGBTQ movement.


This bellringer highlights the history of the event in New York, NY, and details the effects for the LGBTQ movement and community.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • Even though it was not a great place, according to the clip, why was the Stonewall Inn popular among the LGBTQ crowd?
  • How did the Stonewall Riots propel the ongoing LGBTQ movement to the forefront?
  • In the second clip, how does David Carter describe life for LGBTQ people in America throughout the 1900s?
  • According to Lucian Truscott IV, what was the importance of the Stonewall Riots for the LGBTQ community?
  • What does Brett Parson say has changed and stayed the same for the LGBTQ community since the Stonewall Riots? Do you agree with his analysis? Why or why not?

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