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On July 10, 2019

Bell Ringer: The Reclamation Act and the Huntley Irrigation Project

The Huntley Project

This clip focuses on the importance and history of the irrigation project in south central Montana (MT).


This bellringer visits the Huntley Museum of Irrigated Agriculture, and focuses on the impact of the project and its benefits to south central Montana (MT).

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • What was the purpose of the Reclamation Act?
  • How would a canal/irrigation help meet the goals of the Reclamation Act?
  • What was a Tar Paper shack, and why were they built? Describe life for the early settlers in south central Montana.

Additional Resources



    • Arid Land
    • Canal
    • Homestead
    • Irrigation
    • Land Survey
    • Reclamation Act
    • Sustainable


    Environmental Policy & Land UseGeographyState HistoryU.S. History


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