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On July 11, 2019

Bell Ringer: Urban Transportation Planning in Lafayette, Indiana

Railroad Relocation in Lafayette

This clip highlights the efforts to solve transportation issues in the Indiana (IN) city.


This bellringer highlights how Lafayette, IN came together to use urban planning to solve an issue with their railroads.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • Why do you think the train tracks were built in the middle of the road?
  • What were some of the problems with the set-up of the railroads? How were these problems exacerbated by the increasing popularity of automobiles?
  • What was the community's reaction to the project? How important was the role of politicians to the completion of the project?
  • How was Lafayette's project a successful example of bipartisan efforts?

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    • Bipartisan
    • Eminent Domain
    • Fatality
    • Federal Funding
    • Grant
    • Modes Of Transportation
    • Railroad
    • Urban


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