On This Day In History

Our "On This Day in History" section of the website is designed to provide teachers with video resources to help students better understand significant events throughout U.S. history.

Each event features several short video clips that help set the stage by providing context through archival footage and witness testimony (where available), utilizing C-SPAN's unique access to historical newsreels, vignettes, oral history, and expert analysis.

As one of the most recent additions to our site, this area will continue to develop each month. If you or your students have suggestions for key moments in history that are not currently represented, please email us at educate@c-span.org.

  • Document ImageAugust 7, 1990

    Operation Desert Shield and the beginning of the Gulf War

    On August 7, 1990, President George H.W. Bush issued orders to coordinate Operation Desert Shield. This was…

    5 Video Clips
  • Document ImageAugust 11, 1965

    Watts Riots

    The Watts riots erupted on August 11, 1965 in Los Angeles following the arrest of a black man for driving…

    4 Video Clips
  • Document ImageAugust 14, 1945

    Victory Over Japan Day

    Victory over Japan Day is recognized for Japan's surrender to Allied forces, which signified the end of WWII.…

    3 Video Clips
  • Document ImageAugust 15, 1969

    Woodstock Music Festival

    The Woodstock Festival was a four-day outdoor music event which began on August 15, 1969, on an upstate New…

    3 Video Clips
  • Document ImageAugust 29, 2005

    Hurricane Katrina

    On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina crossed the Gulf Coast becoming the costliest natural disaster, as well…

    10 Video Clips