House Session - April 27, 1988

CR, pp. H2541-H2639. The House continued consideration of H.R. 4264, the Defense Authorization Act, to amend the 1989 military budget. Amendments agreed to were: The Aspin amendment, which would prohibit the use of 1989 or prior year funds for activities not permitted by the 1972 ABM Treaty, and the Dicks amendment that limits the number of U.S. missiles in several categories to the number specified by the SALT II Treaty unless the president certifies that the Soviet Union has exeeded those limits. Also agreed to were amendments to the Veterans' Job Training Act and the Veterans' Administration Health Care Program. Adjourned to a joint meeting.


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    116th Congress - House
    Total Hours: 427 (After 168 days)
    • Debate96 Hours
    • Special Orders71 Hours
    • Votes120 Hours
    • One Minute Speeches33 Hours
    • Morning Hour30 Hours
    • Opening Procedures3 Hours

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