House Session - October 16, 1990

The House agreed to H.Res. 487 which provided for the consideration of H.R. 5835, intelligence authorizations. The House agreed to H.Res. 509, providing for the consideration of H.R. 5835, the omnibus reconciliation bill and ordered the previous question. A point of order against the resolution was overruled and subsequently, the House agreed to the Derrick motion to table the Walker motion appealing that ruling of the Chair. The omnibus bill was subsequently passed after the House agreed to the Rostenkowski en bloc amendments which affected various provisions. The House adopted H.Res. 487, to provide for House floor consideration of H.R. 5422, to authorize a classified level of funding for U.S. intelligence agencies and other government intelligence activities in fiscal 1991. The House also passed H.Res. 485, the Rule to consider H.J.Res. 647, disapproving the recommendation of the President to extend nondiscriminatory (most-favored-nation treatment) treatment to the products of the People’s Republic of China.

10:03AM - 1:01AM ETHouse Session


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    116th Congress - House
    Total Hours: 625 (After 287 days)
    • Debate185 Hours
    • Special Orders94 Hours
    • Votes156 Hours
    • One Minute Speeches47 Hours
    • Morning Hour46 Hours
    • Opening Procedures5 Hours

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